Who Is Sensible Kids Supplies?

Hi, I'm Caitlin and I supply gorgeous pastel coloured collared shirts for toddlers that are soft, light and breathable ... perfect for Australian summers!!

Two years ago my geographically spread family was looking for collared shirts for my oldest niece (then a toddler) to wear while she assisted her parents with station work.  We looked through all the shops in Southern Queensland and the LaTrobe Valley in Victoria and didn’t find any girls collared shirts, let alone affordable ones! Many western outfitters only go down to size 2, which is no good for the child of a vertically challenged family.

I figured my family wasn't the only one with this drama, hence I created Sensible Kids Supplies to provide toddlers of rural families soft, breathable and collared work shirts at a realistic price.

I am super proud of Sensible Kids Supplies first collection of  shirts, ranging from size 0-4. Sizes 5-7 in blue and pink are expected to arrive in March. These shirts are made from oxford cotton, have a high collar and long sleeves to protect from harmful UV rays. I design these shirts myself and have them manufactured overseas to ensure they are as affordable for families as possible. Any suggestions on improving the design are welcome.

I am very excited that my website has expanded to include work boots for both toddlers and big kids at the suggestion of customers. While these are not my design, they are still totally suitable and affordable for rural families. I am currently working on a hobble (AKA ringers) belt design from size 2-18. 


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You might be wondering who is this Caitlin person operating this business???

When I’m not having brain storming sessions with my family about future products for Sensible Kids Supplies, I work as a village utility (glorified cleaner) on a minesite in Central Queensland. This has nothing to do with small children, but it is funding Sensible Kids Supplies while I am still in the start-up phase!

I worked as an In-home Child Carer on properties in Southern Queensland for five years, which gives me a good grounding in the needs of young rural Australian families. I have two nieces living in South-West QLD and one in the Darling Downs. This does not mean I know everything, as I am not a parent myself! I would love to hear from you, what items (apparel or accessory) do you need, what do you think of my current range of products?

Where can you see my products?

Keep an eye on my events page or Facebook page for upcoming market stalls in Southern Queensland and Northern New South Wales at various events. Let me know If there is an upcoming event in your area you would like to meet me at.


This is a new business which highly values your feedback and suggestions. I aim to stock items for young children that rural families find difficult to obtain locally.

Please email me (Caitlin) at: sensiblekidsupplies@gmail.com or get hold of me via my contact page.

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