Winter house boots

Winter house boots

These super cute faux sheepskin boots will keep little feet warm and cosy this winter. Easily get squiggly feet in with a Velcro side held closed by a wooden toggle and elastic band. They also feature a flexible non-slip soft sole for new crawlers and walkers.

  • Size

    Insole length 


    Recommended age


    1 11 o-6
    2 12 6-12
    3 13 12-18




  • I know your toddler will be dragging these boots over the floor everyday, and no matter how much you clean your floors, they will still get grubby!


    Protect from future staining/liquid spills by using a suede or similar protectant spray purchased from your regular shoe retailer or grocery store.


    These boots are super easy to clean, simply brush dirt out with a suede brush (I use the everyday lint brush and a soft tooth brush on mine). Remove stains by sponging with an equal mix of water and white vinegar, stuff with newspaper and leave in the shade to dry (do a small spot test for colour fastness first!). To remove odours, shake a teapsoon of baking soda around inside the boot, leave overnight and shake the powder out in the morning.

    If you don't want to go to this effort, you can put the boots in a laundry bag (or pillow case) and machine wash on your wool setting. Stuff with paper and leave to dry in the shade. Use a lint brush or similar to smooth the outside. This may still damage the boots and is not recommended for regular care.


    Oil/greace stains may be removed by pressing chalk powder (talculm powder, etc) onto the stain immediately and leaving for 24hrs. The chalk should soak up the oil and can then be brushed off before cleaning as normal.


    Water stains may be removed by gently rubbing it against the outside of the other boot.

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